psychic readings in Britain are becoming really popular on the internet and by phone, and the phenomena does seem to be continuing in a upward path. It would not surprise me to discover more psychics were actually thinking about offering these kinds of psychic readings to their customers in the United Kingdom, and still manage […]

Have you been sort of feeling like your way of life has come across a brick wall? Has everything become dull and lifeless for you and has no actual point to it? Maybe your feeling as though your stuck in one spot and cant find a way to progress in life? Are you feeling as […]

How To Be Psychic In 4 Steps

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Hi there Everyone! Recently, my veteran pal, follower, and also instructor James Van Praagh asked me to make a video clip for his super-engaged on-line location, vanpraagh.com– here it is! One: Create a positive and clear space, find a notepad and pen, unplug your phone, and white light a candle Two: Create a few open-ended […]

Have you ever wondered what psychic clairvoyance is really all about? Maybe you read about it a book or on a website or maybe its something that your researching because you feel that you might have a bit of psychic ability yourself and you don’t know where to start? Of course you could also be […]

Tarot Reading

Fortune Teller Tarot Card Reading

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  Tarot cards have actually been in existence for a long time. The cards usually feature different pictures. As an example, there are those that bring angels, felines, astrological symbols, dolphins, and even dragons.   Tarot Card Spreads: Romany Spread

Tarot Card Spreads: Romany Spread

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Are you curious to learning about tarot card reading? Tarot cards have actually existed from as early as the 14th century in Europe. If you have an interest in learning how to do tarot card readings, you will firstly have to aquire a deck of cards. Make sure you find the ideal deck for you. […]

An extremely popular style of divination, tarot cards reading online have turned into a real business for some folks. There are two service levels to pick from for web site users, and they both focus on money, some are cost-free while others remain fee-based. Generally, many sites function in keeping with a membership pattern and […]


New Moon in Aquarius Jan 2015

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New Moon in Aquarius/Mercury Retrograde – Jan 2015 Lots going on this week! Starting off with the Mars/Neptune conjunction squaring Saturn, a New Moon in Aquarius and then Mercury Retrograde kicks in. We’re being slowed down, and the call is to be deliberate in deciding what actions to take. And don’t push – it won’t […]

Here you Pisces, your video astrology forcast for 2015   Aquarius Horoscope 2015 and Beyond  

This weekend’s Full Moon forms an opposition to Pluto and squares the Moon’s Nodes creating an incredible tension with only one way to go: onward. The points of a cardinal cross (this grand kite) show where it is no longer possible to keep heading down the same road, there is a change of direction, a […]