As promised, here is the first in a series of new videos about psychic abilities. Your comments are welcome, but please be kind to one another.   Psychic Spells and Psychic Attacks

In psychic readings with clients you in some cases experience the monstrosity of black magic. The dark energy of black magicians in focused kind develops a whirlpool of adverse energy. This kind of power can make you unwell, create mishaps, and restrict your chance in partnerships and job. The methods and also means of the […]

Most of us have an ability to go beyond the five senses to some extent. Call it intuition, call it knowing, call it hyper detail orientation or call it psychic ability, but the fact that some humans can apparently “see” things where others cannot is undeniable. This video uses binaural beats to entrain brainwave patterns […]

psychic readings in Britain are becoming really popular on the internet and by phone, and the phenomena does seem to be continuing in a upward path. It would not surprise me to discover more psychics were actually thinking about offering these kinds of psychic readings to their customers in the United Kingdom, and still manage […]

Tarot Reading

Do you have internal pain? Exists something that troubles you about your companion and also your connection, yet you simply cannot figure it out? To Co-Create an Aware Relationship, you should uncover the reasons beneath the pain, and afterwards bring them to light so they could be recovered. Continue reading and also find out what […]

www.visionarypsychic.co.uk – Tarot readings for 2015 with professional psychic with over 24 years experience. Book your psychic phone reading or Skype reading today.   If You Watch One Video About Love Tarot Reading Watch This One  

The Tower tarot card usually stands for sudden adjustment as well as upheaval. When it shows up in a love tarot card reading, it prompts you to actually to really examine your current scenarios as well as relationships. The Tower tarot card is indicative of required modification. It generally appears when improvement or major shifts […]

Fortune Teller Tarot Card Reading

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  Tarot cards have actually been in existence for a long time. The cards usually feature different pictures. As an example, there are those that bring angels, felines, astrological symbols, dolphins, and even dragons.   Tarot Card Spreads: Romany Spread


The pregame to the Lunar Eclipse that happens tomorrow! Buckle your astro seat belts for the next 3 days. Lunar Eclipse in Libra, Sun Trine Jupiter, Pluto Uranus Sq New Moon in Aquarius 2015      

The Mercury Retrograde that occurs in this New Moon Cycle is unusual, presenting a unique energy pattern. Find out more in this video from Astrologer Kathy Rose. And to see how this affects your horoscope specifically, contact Kathy for your personal astrological consultation Full Moon In Leo 2015 What Lies Ahead

Folklore: Indian astrology describes Moon is taken into consideration to be the Virgin Mary of the Roman Catholics and/or nourishing mother of the heaven. She is the Luna (Diana). She is the queen of the evening. Diana is the twin sister of Apollo. She is the siren as well as a huntress. She controls chastity […]